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Real life is better than a centrefold

Glittering glamour escorts, glamourous, glorious and very gregarious, they love to jump on every opportunity to show that they don’t just look amazing but they know how to follow through with some red hot action too. Everybody knows that the uber busty glamour escorts look sensational, perfectly toned bodies, sumptuous curves, pouting lips…. the complete package of sensual goodies literally picture perfect, but until you date one of these photographic dreams who knows whether it is all in the mind, the picture telling the story that you want to hear? Dating a glamour girl escort is a definite possibility with this supreme escort agency in Manchester as they list several glamour escorts, page 3, model types on their books so you will be able to see, feel, touch and fully experience whether she is as sexy as she looks. The proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say and these escort glamour girls are looking very tasty.

Cut a swanky move by partying with your glamour escort in Manchester

If you go out in Manchester partying with an escort glamour girl you must expect other guys in the clubs and the bars to recognise who she is; you are not the only guy who watches late night adult TV after all, Babestation and Adult TV have their devotees and its all down to the scintillating babes that they have on nightly; with such a well known and astoundingly sexy girl on your arm everyone will be wondering who you are too to be dating such a chick!! The Mint Lounge on Oldham Street is a perfect destination or the Bijou Club on Chapel Street where you can book the Dom Perignon booth and treat her like the goddess she is! The glamour escort in Manchester knows how to draw the crowd’s attention, just the way that she sashays across the room to your booth is a pleasure trip for anyone who is lucky enough to be able to watch. She knows how to move every part of her body to the fullest effect. A diva like this is just what this Manchester escorts agency loves to discover as she makes the escort glamour girl of many men’s dreams attainable here in Manchester tonight!!

Is her performance true to form?

She looks like a walking, talking temptation and you are ready to fall, call a cab and take her back to your room at the indulgent Velvet, one of Manchester’s top boutique hotels……….. because she’s worth it!! Now it’s time to discover whether she is as wild as she looks, whether the escort services of one of the UK’s glamour escort girls is going to be a sensory revelation. She certainly is! This is the glamour escort Manchester men are ready to go for, head over heels in lust, she is perfectly bad and that is exactly what she has been promising and she would hate to break a promise.

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